Aquavit Guest House, Accommodation Plettenberg Bay


Linda and Ole Olsen, the owners and your hosts live on the property and welcome you to Aquavit. They made the decision to relocate from the United States to build a special guesthouse in Plettenberg Bay.

Linda is a hotel and resort industry veteran, a floral designer, has worked closely with a master chef and is responsible for the breakfast menu selections you will enjoy. An uninterrupted ocean view at breakfast makes this meal time feel like a grand affair. Important to Linda is that guests feel at home and they do, thanks to its inviting atmosphere and levels of comfort. Ole is an Engineer, originally from Denmark, with a history of property management and landscape design and together they create an environment that is special.

A Message from Linda and Ole:

There are places we remember during our travels around the world. Not always the splendor of large cities or the tourist attractions of well known destinations, but rather, we sometimes find and savour the tranquility of lesser known locations. This is what creates fond memories, Plett is such a place.

When we decided to build Aquavit, we wanted to ensure we were doing our part to help the environment and to continuously work on better improving our home. We installed solar panels and heat pumps for hot water including a wireless energy monitor. We have incorporated an area to collect our gray water for our gardens to enrich the soil. LED lighting and mini fluorescents are used throughout the house and we will continue to strive to ensure Aquavit an Eco friendly environment.

Our entire staff welcomes you, including Dakota and Zoe, our resident Golden Retrievers, who will also happily greet you upon your arrival. Once checked in there's really no reason to leave.

Come see why we are called "Water of Life"!

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