Masizame Child & Youth Centre, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Masizame Child & Youth Centre, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Masizame aims to empower vulnerable children and their families by providing quality intervention services with the goal that children reach their full potential and become responsible contributing members of their communities.

Masizame is a Xhosa word meaning ('Let us try') encompasses 3 areas of support for vulnerable children: A Child & Youth Care Centre, An Early Childhood Development facility and A Drop-In Centre

Linda & Ole, from Aquavit, are proud supporters of Masizame Child & Youth Centre.

  • Linda and Ole Olsen, had the priviledge again to visit the MASIZAME children's shelter in Plettenberg Bay.
    It's amazing how simple ice cream can put 14 smiles on faces!.

    Dear Linda and Ole, & Karen & Stuart

    Thank you so much for visiting Masizame today. It was such a lovely surprise to meet Karen & Stuart again

    The children absolutely loved the ice creams, especially Brittany our tiny tot, You brought joy their little hearts.
    When the 9 new intakes first arrived in September, the little ones would sleep or just sit in a daze for hours at a time and then literally scream the house down with such piercing wails.

    Thank goodness, they have settled in and with regular bathing and medication their bed sores and infections are healing. The children love our cook Didi, and although they can only eat small portions of food they are beginning to thrive. Their healing of their trauma of abandonment and domestic violence is more of a journey. But at Masizame, we do try to make a difference. Fairy Footsteps is put to much good use, and is a beautiful space for group work.

    I had already told the children and staff that sadly there could be no turkey this year for Christmas lunch, and persuaded my husband to buy a gammon. So your kind offer to provide turkeys is such a god-send.
    Thank you. Celia (the rather large care worker) will be chef de cuisine for Xmas day and is delighted with the other complementary goodies. The biscuits that Karen and Stuart bought will be such a treat to have on Xmas Day

    It has been quite a year, full of challenges. We are comforted by the joy of seeing the children safe and playing as children should.

    Thank you for touching all their hearts.
    Blessings to you all,
    Brenda and the team at Masizame

  • Linda and Ole Olsen, the owners of Aquavit Guest House and their guests, treated 25 children to warm and snuggly pyjamas.

    The children were over the moon with happiness, as each received their set of pyjamas and later that evening they celebrated by holding a pyjama party.

    This all happened in conjunction with their child protection week campaign, which ran from the 28th of May till the 4th of June 2017.

    Since 90% of abused victims are usually victimised by someone close to them, Masizame sets out to educate families on the best way to deal with the situation as it rises.
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  • Linda and Ole surprised the Masizame Children’s Shelter once again this year with turkeys, veggies & other goodies ensuring the children get to enjoy a grand feast on Christmas Day.

    The children were treated to ice cream cones before receiving their Christmas presents. It is absolutely amazing to see the happy looks on these previously abused or abandoned faces.

    The children waited in anticipation as Linda handed each one an unique gift and then they proceeded to carefully place them under their beautifully decorated xmas tree – to be opened only on Xmas Day. After all the gift sharing the children demonstrated their gratitude by entertaining us all with Xmas songs and dance!

    When asked what they would like for Xmas the main response was that they wish to be home with their families. One boy asked for a Play station! Obviously aware that this wish was far more accessible. Masizame relies heavily on the generosity of individuals and business for support. A huge thank you goes out to Linda and Ole for their role and contributions in helping to protect the vulnerable Children of Plettenberg Bay.
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  • Aquavit collect R6107.00 for the Masizame Child & Youth Care Centre

    Linda & Ole recently paid us one of their legendary visits at the Masizame Child & Youth Care Centre.

    Six months’ prior, Linda had asked if the children of Masizame could design and create a collection box to be placed in Linda and Ole’s guesthouse, Aquavit. The children were challenged to get creative and made some beautiful drawings which would adorn the box. We dropped off the completed box and thought whatever money raised would be a bonus, at the very least the children were stimulated and had a blast making the box.

    When Linda and Ole returned to do a hand over and cash count of the money box we could not believe that R6107.00 had been collected! The money has been set aside to purchase winter warmers for all the children in residential care at Masizame.

    Of course, Linda & Ole’s visits are never complete without spoiling our children to ice creams- no matter what the weather is doing!

    We thank Linda, Ole & Aquavit Guesthouse for their continued support of Masizame as well as to their guests who donated so kindly. Thank you for making a difference to lives of the vulnerable children of Pletttenberg Bay.

    If you too would like to make a contribution to the lives of the vulnerable children we serve, pop us a mail on

  • To all our visitors of Aquavit Guest House and friends of Masizame:

    Ole and I are always delighted to visit the children of Masizame. We frequently visit bringing much needed food supplies and ice cream, of course, is the usual bounty. February was a busy month and on two occasions stopped by with guests that wanted to visit the center. On one occasion, Karen & Stuart Groom, on behalf of Karen’s employer, The Childwick Trust Fund, came to the opening of the center’s much needed addition, the Fairy Footsteps building. Ole and I are pleased to be part of the introduction of The Childwick Trust to Masizame and the Early Childhood Development Center for children aged 3 to 6, where engaging well-being in the children’s lives is the main priority.
    Read more on the opening of Fairy Footsteps

  • Ice Cream Treats

    At the end of May, Ole and Linda of Aquavit Guest House made one of their special visits to the Masizame Child & Youth Care Centre. As usual, they brought supplies of meat and veggies for the children to eat. That Sunday a delicious chicken roast was thoroughly enjoyed by the children on a winters evening.

    In addition to the hearty meals, Linda and Ole brought along ice cream to treat the children as is customary when they visit. These always go down like a storm, the cold weather did nothing to curb the children's enthusiasm for these frozen delights.

    Masizame is hugely grateful for the continued support of Linda and Ole of Aquavit Guesthouse and would like to thank them for their contributions in protecting the vulnerable children of Plettenberg Bay and surrounds.

    Masizame, based in Kwanokuthula, provides child protection services to vulnerable children which are encompassed in three different projects. These include: A Child & Youth Care Centre which provides statutory residential care, an Early Childhood Development Centre and Drop-In Centre for children whom are vulnerable to street activity.

  • A Feast on Christmas Day

    Linda, Ole' & friends surprised the Masizame Children's Shelter with turkeys, veggies & other goodies so that the children may have a feast on Christmas Day. The Plettenberg Accommodation Association (PAA) recently donated the DSTV Subscription for the 2015 year, much to the delight of the children we serve! As if that was not enough, they also brought ice creams which the children thoroughly enjoyed on what was a hot day.

    We are so grateful to Linda & Ole' as well as to Liz Phillips who donated ZAR500 which will go along way to making Christmas a special occasion for the children we serve.

    At Masizame we rely heavily on the generosity of individuals and business for support. We would like to thank Linda, Ole' & Liz Phillips for their contributions in helping to protect the Vunlnerable Children of Plettenberg Bay

  • Lots of Singing and Dancing

    Ole and I had the privilege of paying another visit to Masizame Child & Youth Care Centre at the end of August this year. It is always a pleasure to see the smiles on their faces when they know we are arriving with ice cream for all. Some very special guests of Aquavit Guest House were visiting us from the USA and they had heard about the shelter for some time. Not sure who enjoyed the time more, Theresa, our daughter and her friend Justin or the children. We were treated to a talent show of singing and dancing. The morning of chatting with the children finished off with lots of hugs all around.

  • Masizame Children's Shelter received an early Christmas Surprise

    On Monday 23rd December 2013 the Masizame Children's Shelter received an early Christmas Surprise. The children were treated to ice cream cones before receiving their Christmas presents. There was so much excitement around the ‘BIG’ present and when the children ripped open the wrapping, and they saw a new flat screen television, they all burst into yells, smiles and clapping their hands in excitement!
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